18-23 de noviembre de 2008
Barcelona (Spain)

Sports Medicine for a Better World
Medicina del deporte para un mundo mejor
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Juan Jose Gonzalez Iturri

President of the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of  the XXX FIMS Congress

With pride and enthusiasm we hope they reach 18 to November 23, 2008, during which will take place in Barcelona the XXX World Congress of the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS).

Some of us have had the good fortune to participate in previous activities of the FIMS, a scientific level, at management level, and we've known for years spent what is the corporation, what their mission is, how it works towards disseminating Sports Medicine in the five Continents.

The FIMS has seen a remarkable development since eighty years ago (1928) began the walk of this entity in Amsterdam, gathering at present more than 120 countries on five continents. It has been well established that its function is to catalyze the global action acting as coordinator of outreach programmes of Sports Medicine, nationally and internationally.

We can say with authority that there isn’t a more beautiful place for this Congress that the city of Barcelona. It is impossible that there are more gentle and hospitable hosts that citizens of Barcelona.

We have a scientific program of the highest quality. Whether our interests are kind of clinical, basic as, or focus on therapeutic or teaching. We're going to see rewarded for stimulating discussions and informative.

Nor is there any other place where we can enjoy sightseeing programs and social activities as extraordinary as those who are going to perform in Barcelona. We’ve in the Catalan city one of the most wonderful outings to the Mediterranean Sea; beautiful monuments of Gaudí; extraordinary modern museums, modern city and world prestige after the Olympic Games of 1992.

The XXX FIMS World Congress will provide an update only in the field of clinical studies, epidemiological and level of developing countries and industrialized countries.

Let us have the pleasure of welcoming you personally coming to magnificent event in Barcelona 2008.


Walter R. Frontera, MD, PhD


International Federation of Sports Medicine

Dear colleagues in sports medicine,

It is a pleasure to welcome all of you to Barcelona, Spain for the XXX FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine.  Approximately four years ago, the Council of Delegates of FIMS selected Barcelona as the host city of this Congress with the certainty that the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine was going to organize an exceptional event with an outstanding scientific program.  Given its history, Barcelona, a sports-oriented city, offers a special environment for an international event such as this Congress.  Further, the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine has a strong and long-standing tradition of activity within FIMS.  Thus, we look forward to a few days of educational activities, scientific and clinical discussions, and social interactions that will literally promote sports medicine for a better world.

On behalf of FIMS, the Executive Committee, standing commissions, national associations members of FIMS, and individual members I invite you to actively participate in all events organized as part of this meeting.  I know you will find your participation worth the effort of attending.  The program will satisfy your intellectual curiosity in a very collegial environment conducive to active learning.  Professionally and personally, your participation will be a rewarding experience.

Very sincerely yours.


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